Every health problem will have at least one underlying imbalance. Finding imbalances and treating them holistically is the goal of kinesiology. So, it can help with just about anything—it can; improve energy and posture, help with pain, emotional problems and stress.
Kinesiology is a completely natural health care system which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate the many functions of the body.
I trained at the Natural Healing Academy, and specialized in kinesiology.
Now I work as a Transgenerational Epigenetic Kinesiologist®, (TEK® Kinesiology).

This long and frightening expression means that I can treat problems not only in your present life, from conception, but in generations and dimensions as well.
I have a five level degree in TEK (Transgeneration Epigenetic Kinesiology).
1. Basic level: stressful connections, generation patterns.
2. Metabolic kinesiology – for different health problems, weight problems, food                  allergies and diet problems. I can test with kinesiology what foods your body
requires and what is harmful for you.
3. Reconstructional kinesiology – for finding out the goal of life and the obstacles.
4. Dimensionmatrix, Allergymatrix.
5. Coach kinesiology – to speak about the future as well.

The exact treatment you receive depends on the feedback your body gives through the muscle test, which tests what your body needs to return to good health.

A treatment will usually last 90 minutes, although the first treatment is scheduled for a bit longer to allow time for a full consultation.

There is no general rule as to how many sessions a person will need. It can be as little as one or two sessions. Sometimes, an ongoing support may be suggested, which will be discussed during the initial consultation.

There are special treatments for stressful relationships, stress management, allergies, and metabolic problems, e.g. weight loss, emotions, meridians, health, healthy foods and exercises, allergy to physical touch, balance, meridian balance, and even generational problems etc.