Is there a problem with your spouse, college, child, boss, neighbour?
For some reason or other do you find yourself always in the same old unpleasant situation, confronting the same type of people, with whom you have difficulty and unease?
Until we can solve these problems, we’ll get the same situations and people and problems again and again.
Usually there is a coping strategy or a lack of that behind all these, originating from your childhood.
And the problem causes stress, stressful states, and that stress starts to be stored in your body, somewhere. Where the stress is, there’ll be a block, which doesn’t let the energy flow freely. That can even cause some kind of body matter, e.g. body pain, sickness, illness.
In a kinesiology session you can see from above or from outside your own behaviour in the situation, you can have a look at your own problem from the other’s point of view as well, and you can choose another coping strategy; and you have to practice it.

Let’s say in a situation you always react the same way. Your mind starts to go round and round a problem, your mind says the same things to you. The mind is able to create everything out of nothing, and able to create nothing out of something. It all happens in your head. You can’t get out of repeating the same things in your head. You can’t stop watching your inner movie, you repeat the same scene again and again, and of course with the worst outcome. And while repeating it you carve it into your unconscious mind, deeper and deeper.
Soon there will be a stress centre around this topic, your muscles tighten, cramping up, you assume a certain posture, which soon will be embedded. The problem is manifesting on a body level.
But where is that problem? What is true about it? (Ask yourself several times!) Does it exist at all in reality, or just in your head, in your imagination? Who sees it? Who found it? Probably you, yourself. You closed it in your mind’s cage and you don’t let it out, you don’t let it go. You are the thinker of your thoughts, no one put them into your head. You feed them with new terrible, horrible, scenes.

In a kinesiology session we go into the root of the problem and pull it out, change it, let it go and put better, nicer, more pleasurable thoughts in instead. And you have to practice thinking, imagining these new thoughts, courses of action, sentences, reactions etc. Because every new behavioural pattern needs at least 21 days to stabilise. (Just think of how many days you have spent with your bad thoughts!) So you probably will have some homework to do!