How to become an Access Bars® certified practitioner?

The Bars® is the first class in Access Consciousness, a dynamic set of tools and information designed to transform any area of your life.

  • What’s an Access Bars class like?
    One day. A ton of tools. Choose what works for you.
    Receive 2 sessions of bars. Give 2 sessions.
    Get a manual full of questions, techniques and a whole new toolbox of change. Breathe. Relax. Get Clarity. Be empowered to change anything!
    What are the benefits of  becoming an Access Bars® practitioner?
  • You will get tonnes of Tools and techniques to create change in whatever area of your life you are looking for: money, relationships, choice, possibilities, change…..
  • People or situations that once ‘drove you nuts’ no longer bother you or cause problems, because you learn how to deal with them.
  • Release stress, anxiety, and depression (depression vanishes for many after just 1 session)
  •  An easier time for kids and adults in SOCIAL and ACADEMIC and EMOTIONAL situations
  • FUN, PEACE, JOY & EASE in every aspect of your life
  •  After you complete the class you will be qualified to give Access Bars® to others which may include your family, friends and/or clients. You can add Access Bars to your business.
  • There are Access Bars swap days, where you can meet like minded people and have fun. In this way you can have your bars run for free.
    What is it you’ve always known should be possible but have never been able to find? Let’s explore what else is truly possible!
    Investment in yourself: £270 (£135 if repeating or for ages 16-18. Free for children 15 & under)
    20TH MAY 2023 – SHEFFIELD S10
    3RD JUNE 2023 – SHEFFIELD S10

Just CLICK HERE to sign up And if you have any questions, please let me know!
I’ll inform you about the upcoming classes.