Kinesiology is a very gentle, non-invasive system of holistic therapy suitable for all ages, from new born babies to the elderly. It accesses your body’s unique inner wisdom to find out exactly what you need to help restore balance to your energy system, both inside and out.

It is a way of detecting imbalances in the body through muscle testing.

What can Kinesiology treat?

Its main aim is to create and sustain good health, wellbeing and effective functioning, and resolve the common complaints which prevent people from reaching their full potential.
Because it addresses the whole person, including the energy aspect, and not just symptoms, it can discover the underlying cause and treat it successfully.

Some main problems:
– Stress
– Emotional issues
– Inability to lose weight, weight control, digestive problems
– Dependency, co-dependency
– Anxiety, phobias
– Stressful relations
– Life coaching, goal of life
– Allergies, reaction patterns
– Generation problems
– Behavioural patterns
– What is my goal of life?
– Studying, memory, exam jitter.

I use Transgenerational Epigenetic Kinesiology® – this long and frightening word means that I can treat your problem not only in your present life, from conception, but in generation and in dimensions as well.

About Transgeneration Epigenetic Kinesiology

Epigenetics is a field of science which deals with genetically inherited changes that do not involve DNA-changes. Methyl-groups are attached to the DNA, which make up a given pattern. This methylation pattern changes because of the different environmental effects, which means that everybody’s methylation pattern changes as time goes by.

The methyl groups attached to our genetic material, the DNA, form a given pattern. This pattern, called the methylation pattern, changes in everybody due to environmental effects over the years.
The way these changes happen is the same within any family, i.e. it is inherited. it means that the genetic material does not change, however the way the genes work does change – in other words, genes do remember; and even acquired diseases can be handed down to the descendants.
Epigenetics can give scientific answers to several questions that have been answered only theoretically so far. Is learning more important than our genetic heritage? We gain an explanation to the question why so many people suffer from obesity or to the question why there is a tendency to develop a certain kind of disease in a family without any obvious trace of the disease in the DNA.
According to the latest research in epigenetics – and this is also the experience derived from our work of decades with kinesiology – it can give an explanation to how patterns of solving problems, ways of handling situations, lifestyle models can be handed down by one generation to the next. These patterns can be mapped, described and positively altered by the kinesiology method of TEK®.

TEK kinesiology is a personal, lifestyle, problem-solving, stress reduction counselling method, whose aim is to improve the client’s quality of life and wellbeing with the help of activating their internal power sources.
Being a holistic system, it effectively influences the energy flow of the body, creates an energetic balance in the body by dissolving emotional stresses. The TEK© counsellor helps their clients to renew their lifestyle, their vision of life, and to protect their physical, mental and emotional health, and to reach a better quality life.
TEK kinesiology puts the opportunity and tools of self-confidence, self-healing and self-development into our hands, and besides this it effectively influences the energy flow of our body.
Transgeneration Epigenetic Kinesiology (TEK) is a special counselling system that is able to be defined in four dimensions of time:
– the present
– age recession
– generations
– other dimensional patterns of problem development.

This way the method provides the client with the most comprehensive possible counselling.
By applying techniques of kinesiology, these typical problems can be treated successfully.
With special techniques it can be identified when, and in which generation, the patterns responsible for our present problems were blocked or activated. A series of Transgeneration Epigenetic Kinesiology counselling sessions can result in identifying and correcting, reconstructing our eating habits (metabolic processes) and blocked emotions. Changes in our relationships, weight loss, a balanced lifestyle are the most certain signs of change. Since we also work with problems rooted in generations, the positive effects of the treatment can also be felt in the client’s family.

Source: European Akademy

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