In what follows you can learn some simple stress-release techniques that can make your life more balanced. Don’t hesitate to choose one after your own heart according to your own stresses.


  • Inhale deeply several times. You can even have a big sigh. Superficial breathing increases stress, whereas the slow, deep breath (from your belly) causes release and helps to maintain a peaceful, relaxed state. Just listen to your breathing. Look inside, and feel the air flowing in and out through your nose.
  • Drink a glass of water. Water is one of the best stress-relieving materials, it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Bring your 4 fingers together and touch your forehead above your eyebrows. Inhale and exhale deeply. Activating these two points unblocks the conscious associative area, which is the brain area directly behind the forehead. It is responsible for figuring out the most appropriate responses, based on information from different stimuli, e.g. past experience, current status, etc. Stress limits this process, reveals old habits and behavioural patterns.
  • Pull energy! If you’ve lost energy, pull from your surroundings, from nature, there is plenty: put your 2-4 fingers on your forehead, between your eyebrows, push up the skin a little bit. Inhaling imagine pulling energy through your soles, leg, up your body as far as the top of your head. Exhale out of your head as a vapour.
  • Hold your forehead and the back of your head above your nape. Take some deep breaths. This posture releases emotional stress and helps to reveal unconscious processes.
  • Practice abdominal breathing! You may do it standing, sitting or lying down. Lower your shoulders and put your two hands on your stomach. Breathe deeply and imagine you are blowing a balloon into your abdomen.  Abdominal breathing brings more oxygen into the body. Oxygen-rich blood allows higher brain capacity. Infants instinctively use this type of breathing.
  • Calm the abdominal centre! With slow abdominal breathing, circle your hands clockwise around the navel.
  • Chi Kung – I found a YouTube video, I’ll put a link here. How to make a Chi ball and move energy:
  • Blowing Balloon. Imagine a balloon. Blow all your stress, your bad thoughts, negativity, everything you don’t need into it, one by one. When the balloon is big, and you cannot think of anything else, tie it with a string and see how it flies away. You got rid of everything.
  • Let your shoulders down! In cases of stress, we often pull our shoulders up, as if we were carrying the worries of the world. Shoulder tension is often associated with the stiffness of neck muscles. In the case of tension, circulate your shoulders. Pull up your shoulder three times! Press forward three times towards the chest, then stretch it back three times. Finally twist back and forth!

To experience the transformative power of meridian energy therapies for yourself, become aware of any sense of tension you may feel as you think about a problem area in your life or an area you want to expand into in greater depth.

  •  Touch the beginning of the eyebrow and take a slow, deep breath in and out.
  •  Touch the outside corner of your eye and take a slow, deep breath in and out.
  •  Touch under your eye and take a slow, deep breath in and out.
  •  Touch under your nose and take a slow, deep breath in and out.
  •  Touch under your mouth and take a slow, deep breath in and out.
  •  Touch the third eye point and take a slow, deep breath in and out.
  •  Take a moment to reflect on how much calmer you feel and how much more open you are to whatever it was you might have feared.