Access Bars class – Sheffield – 3rd December

What if there has never been anything wrong with you?
What if the only thing stopping you from anything is you and what you concluded about yourself? And now, what would it take to claim your greatness?
Access Bars® is based on questions designed to bypass your logical mind.
There is a peace and relaxation possible for everyone in the world, and with a simple process for bodies, called Access Bars, it can occur with total ease.
You can learn it on my Access Bars certified practitioners’ class.

The scientific effects of an Access Bars treatment

What if everything you perceive as a problem in your life is just an interesting point of view?
And what if those interesting points of view are being held in place by electromagnetic energy in your brain … electromagnetic energy that can be released and dissipated, giving you more space.
Access Bars® is a tool that releases and dissipates electromagnetic energy from your brain and energy system. As the electromagnetic energy dissipates, your energy begins to flow properly. With your energy flowing properly, you have more ‘space’ and awareness.