The Three Thumps: Certain points on your body, when tapped with your fingers, will affect your energy field. In what follows you will read about some neurolymphatic points that are part of the lymph system. By tapping the ‘three thumps’, you can restore your energy when you are tired or stressed. This increases your vitality and keeps your immune system strong.

1. Thumping your K-27 (27th acupressure point on your Kidney meridian) will:
– energize you if you are drowsy
– focus you if you cannot concentrate
Place your fingers under your collarbone (clavicle), see figure. You can cross your hands over one another and put your middle fingers on the opposite K-27 point. Tap, or massage, your K-27 for at least 30 seconds. This helps you to deal with extreme situations, to disengage a traumatic stress response from your memory, and to absorb new information.

2. Thumping your Thymus Gland will:
– stimulate all your energies
– boost your immune system
– increase your strength and vitality
This technique can help you if you are feeling negative energies, or if your immune system is challenged. Your thymus gland is located around two inches below your K-27 points in the centre of your chest. Tap or massage for about 30 seconds with four fingers of each hand while breathing deeply.

3. Thumping your Spleen Points will:
– lift your energy level
– balance your mood, your body’s rhythms, your energies and hormones
– strengthen your immune system
Move your fingers down from your thymus under your breast, over the ribs. Tap firmly for about 30 seconds while breathing in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth.

4. The Cross Crawl
Helps the crossover of energy between the brain’s right and left hemispheres, it will help you:
– feel more balanced
– think more clearly
– improve your coordination
– harmonize your energies
This is a simple ‘marching’ technique: while standing, lift your right arm and left leg and as you let them down, raise your left arm and right leg. You can even cross them in front of your body. Continue doing this at least for 1 minute, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
When energy is unable to cross over your left and right side, it slows down. This ability is aroused in babies when they begin to crawl. This is one of the reasons learning disabilities appear later more often with babies who couldn’t crawl. Walking, running, and swimming are also instances of the cross crawl.

5. Cook Posture
This exercise was named after Wayne Cook, one of the forefathers of kinesiology. It helps you when you are overwhelmed, hysterical, confused, upset or over exhausted. It can help you to: 
– untangle inner chaos
– see clearly, be more concentrated
– think clearly, soothe your mind